Lorinvest operates within strategic axes for the sustainable development of Brazil and the world: shipping and logistics; nature-based solutions; natural gas; financial services; industrial technology; healthcare; and real estate.

Our commitment to E²SG – environmental protection, economic return, social development and governance – unites all these actions. Learn more about the companies we invest in.




Guided by Lorinvest's values, Akron was born as an alternative for the development of financial solutions for companies undergoing restructuring in Brazil.



Game-changing win-win technology that combats biofouling through electromagnetic fields.

It’s the most eco-friendly technology that mitigates greenhouse emissions and reduces costs significantly. The system has been extensively tested over the past 8 years and is currently installed on roughly 50 vessels.



Pioneers in the timeshare real estate segment in Brazil. The company is building a housing and entertainment complex on Ilha de Itaparica (BA), which will again become a reference in tourism.

The recovery of mangroves and corals, the sustainable use of natural resources and the training of local labor are at the heart of the project.



Multimodal distributor of natural gas, GNLink is a key player in the transition of the world’s energy matrix.

In Brazil, the company operates in maritime and road transport to take LNG where it does not arrive at competitive prices for industrial consumers.



Investments in the healthcare sector.

Our team identifies, analyzes, and structures opportunities in venture capital or private equity operations within the industry. We operate in the pre-hospital segment (primary and secondary care medical clinics) and post-hospital segment (rehabilitation centers and home care), present in 5 Brazilian states and the Federal District.



The technology holding develops innovative and sustainable solutions for the mining and steel sector. With an unprecedented process that uses microwaves, it promotes a new way of treating metals strategies for the energy transition.

In addition to the New Wave Tech technological center, it has the subsidiaries Wave Nickel, focused on the sustainable processing of this ore, and Wave Aluminum, which unlocks the commercial value of bauxite residuals.



Norcoast is a new coastal navigation company. It is a joint venture between the German Hapag Lloyd, specialized in global container transport, and the Brazilian Norsul, a leader in coastal shipping in Brazil.

It offers a new alternative for maritime container transport along the Brazilian coast and the Amazon basin, serving the main ports and metropolitan regions of the country. The fleet consists of four ships, each with a capacity of up to 3,500 TEUs. They offer weekly services to better meet the needs of customers.



Norflor was founded in 2006, with the goal of developing 70,000 hectares of eucalyptus planted forests in Minas Gerais. Today, with forest management 100% certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), Norflor supplies wood to leading global companies in the pulp and charcoal sectors; preserves native forests and encourages the green steel sector.

The company generates roughly 1,500 jobs. In 2023, it started selling 100% of its wood to the world's leading corporation in the production of metallic alloys, through a take-or-pay contract, with guaranteed revenue.



Norsul is one of the largest cabotage companies in the country and operates by integrating logistics from navigation.

Specializing in the transport of dry and liquid bulk, neo-bulk, general cargo and project cargo, both in cabotage and long haul, Norsul has the largest number of vessels and fleet capacity in the sector in the country.



Building a smart future with innovation and sustainability. The company has developed a disruptive material to replace concrete and cement - two of the biggest greenhouse gas emitters on the planet.

The new technology is sustainable – it is simple to produce, clean and does not require water. Sileto already has patent applications approved worldwide.



Infrastructure solution for natural gas storage. In 2022, the company acquired 10% of the mature field producing natural gas in Manati, Bahia.

The field has one of the best potential for conversion to underground gas storage in Brazil.

Target Bank


One-stop shop that offers financial and logistical solutions for the road freight transport market. First of its kind digital bank for truck drivers and companies in the sector.

It is the 5th largest company in the electronic freight payment market in Brazil, with R$3 billion of projected financial volume in 2023.

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