Identifying and developing innovative and scalable projects led by sustainable principles and economic feasibility is the commitment present in Lorinvest’s DNA since 1953. Today, each new step in this journey is an opportunity to reaffirm our particular definition of what #ESG means.

For us, the acronym should contain two “Es”: E²SG. Because it all starts with the economy. Projects with solid economic fundamentals generate jobs, endurance and future alternatives for people. And people transform their lives: they protect their environment, expand their knowledge, sow new possibilities.

Robust economics is, in essence, what will allow capital to be reinvested in new projects with the same values and beliefs. It is in this spiral of cause and effect where we position ourselves.


Erling Lorentzen - E2SG

WBCSD and ecological footprint study

Erling Lorentzen was one of the founders of the WBCSD and the forerunner of an ecological footprint study in the forestry industry that has been widely adopted in multiple markets.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Founded by Erling Lorentzen, Aracruz was the first forest company in the world to be part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (2006).

Carbon free cabotage

Norsul was the first private cabotage company in Brazil to offer the neutralization of 100% of the emissions of its transport via forestry projects in the Amazon.

Protection of humpbacks

Norsul also protects humpback whales off the Brazilian coast with an artificial intelligence system to reduce the risk of being run over by vessels

Forest protection and CO2e storage

Norflor protects 34,000 hectares of forests in Minas Gerais, benefiting 19,000 people and storing 9 million tons of CO2e.

Mining without generating tailings

New Wave invests in sustainable technology for mining without generating acid waste and without relying on dams.

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