Lorinvest works to deliver maximum prosperity to its investors. Its corporate governance stands out for its vigorous conduct of business, ensuring solidity and safety in all its activities.

We are inspired by the Lorentzen Group’s vision of Identifying and developing innovative, scalable and sustainable projects. Our team is committed to generating strong returns for shareholders and quota holders of funds managed by us. Lorinvest is also devoted to monitoring environments where the companies’ activities are developed and with the various audiences with which they interact.

Since 2009 Lorinvest has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, CVM. In addition to current legislation, the company complies with the Anbima Regulation and Best Practices for Investment Funds and has a Management Committee, an Ethics Committee, and Advisory Board, a Code of Ethics & Conduct and a Risk Management Policy.

The company also developed an Ethics Channel, with is a totally confidential tool that operates 24 hours a day to promote Lorinvest’s transparency culture.

Código de Ética e Conduta
Política de Gestão de Riscos
Formulário de Referência
Política de Rateio de Ordem
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